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Google & more google

All of the readings/the video focused on the change in research in the past couple of years and how people are getting accustomed to it. Google seems to be the ringleader for the shift to digital learning and researching and people are behind it. I knew google wanted to take millions of books and put them into digital format but I did not realize they were going through several colleges such as Harvard.  The video dragged a little long for me, especially with the charts that were not very visible but I did enjoy that Peter held a Q and A after his talk to discuss google and what it hopes to accomplish. I think google analytics (as discussed in the second question) is a very useful tool and something maybe the group should try so we could keep track of how many people visited the site. I do wonder if they have made any changes to it so people can comment on the sites (or in the case of the video the books)?? Not sure if we would need that though since we have the guestbook and the contribution form.

I learned quite a bit about google and thoroughly enjoyed reading “googling the Victorians”. I had no idea that in a few short clicks people were able to track down lineages and gain family information-for instance finding the great great niece of a member of royalty and all over the Internet. As Patrick stated students today can find more on the Victorian Era than he could after twenty years of research and having to pour over hundreds of books.  All of the sites prove useful in understand the digitization of history/literature and how it is rapidly changing, proving this course will be a perfect addition to any of our resumes. 🙂

For site updates: I think it gets better everyday and we have had actual alumni write in the guestbook woo 🙂 I know this past weekend and this week we focused on research and making improvements to the site through looking at old yearbooks. I actually looked through the Centennial Yearbook and found several images that we have and more information to add to our exhibits and collections. Did anyone know about all of the pools our campus used to have and that the terrapins practiced in Lee Hall? Or in a few short years (1970s) Mary Washington became co-ed and broke away from UVA? I have definitely enjoyed the research and how it not only furthers our site but my knowledge of the school we attend!!

4 Responses to “Google & more google”

  1. on 22 Mar 2010 at 8:17 pmkokoro

    Google books has served me well for this project, since some of the books aren’t held in our library. I also recommend google analytics for any of the blogs that you have. It’s a really cool tool to see where people who visit your site come from and how long they stay there. Of course, the information doesn’t necessarily tell you anything useful, as it could just be bots passing through.

  2. on 23 Mar 2010 at 7:42 amklease

    I thought that the video dragged a little too, but it did have some interesting information. The charts were driving me a little crazy because I could barely see them. I think google analytics would be a good addition to your site, in case some visitors do not sign your guestbook. My group hasn’t discussed the use of google analytics but I think it would be an interesting tool to use.

  3. on 23 Mar 2010 at 9:48 amsleffert

    I agree – the video definitely dragged some and I found myself not really following what the graphs were trying to show. Google Analytics definitely seems to be a popular tool – J. Groom recommended our group using it too. I thought being able to find family information was interesting too! Oh and that’s exciting to see that alumni are writing in the guest book – shows that people are excited for the excellent work you guys have done!

  4. on 25 Mar 2010 at 7:57 amjwiggint

    I too really enjoyed the Q and A portion of the video, I learned a lot. Another really interesting part of the video, I thought, was the translations from Chinese to English, and other languages. Really cool! Sure hope our map group gets a move-on sometime soon!