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March 15th :)

OUR SITE HAS LAUNCHED!!! and in-case anyone has forgotten: http://umwhistory.org/projects/images   and sign our guestbook we are working on making it public so everyone can view who has contributed and remain interactive with our site! I have to say staying up and launching the site was really a rewarding experience I could not be more proud of our group. I am even more excited that people have been signing the guestbook, even if it includes ourselves and family it is still neat to see people looking at the site and hearing feedback. We have heard back from professors, Professor Crawley (who is featured on the site) told us to keep up the good work and I have heard from recent alums-graduated in the Centennial Year who said the site is just what the school needed. So again yay images group, “We did it”!!

Even with all the excitement and constantly checking how many people have viewed the site it is still a work in progress. Throughout yesterday alone it changed with the addition of the slideshow and configuring the site to display the most important part of the site-the images.  Last Friday Jonathan, Mary Ann, myself and Mary Ann’s friend Jason-which was really neat seeing his perspective on history classes here, met with Jim Groom to get a better understanding of omeka. The site I feel will constantly undergo changes until the end of the semester and continue on! We hope to add more images and continue research on the images we have that are unknown; whether it be year, people in photo(s) or activity. And to work on figuring out the exhibits…again check out the site and let us know what you think…as my brother said I sound like a marketing major promoting the site 🙂

One Response to “March 15th :)”

  1. on 16 Mar 2010 at 6:17 pmklease

    Congratulations on getting the site launched! That’s so great. I really like the site, it’s fun to look at past pictures of UMW. I noticed that you guys figured out how to make the glossary into a list instead of a paragraph. My group is also trying to work out some issues like that. Good luck and Congrats again!