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Archive for March, 2010


I think the title of my blog speaks for myself and the images group who are all disappointed with our map group and the roadblocks we have hit with them.  As we said in our presentation last week we were supposed to have our map draft last week but we still have not seen it.  […]

Google & more google

All of the readings/the video focused on the change in research in the past couple of years and how people are getting accustomed to it. Google seems to be the ringleader for the shift to digital learning and researching and people are behind it. I knew google wanted to take millions of books and put them […]

March 15th :)

OUR SITE HAS LAUNCHED!!! and in-case anyone has forgotten: http://umwhistory.org/projects/images   and sign our guestbook we are working on making it public so everyone can view who has contributed and remain interactive with our site! I have to say staying up and launching the site was really a rewarding experience I could not be more proud […]

post-spring break

Well back at school already…break went by too quickly for myself as I am sure the rest of you but plenty of work was accomplished! With the impeding launching of the images site, MARCH 15th check out our site, we spent spring break uploading our pictures and while it is not a very difficult task, uploading […]