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Archive for February, 2010

week 7 updates

This week is full of work for myself as I am sure for everyone else, I get overwhelmed just looking at my planner with trying to fit in everything but this past weekend was a real eye-opener. The Images group was able to attend the Alumni Board meeting on Saturday in which we were able to sit-in […]


Wow, in a word after watching the Ted video on wikipedia, I have known several teachers/professors to disregard wikipedia and finding out the founder “monarch” is a fellow of Harvard makes it impressive. I do not think wikipedia should be seen as the only research tool in a project, but it is a quick and […]

Week 5

So this week has been interesting with the lack of classes and slipping all over campus but it has still been full of work.  This week we all had to turn in our contracts and as I am sure every other group felt we were anxious to turn in the final contract with dates that […]

so far so good…

After the digital workshops this semester I have become a little overwhelmed but also excited with all of the tools. I feel that our group (Images) has decided to tackle every tool possible and we will accomplish everything with the help of dtlt. I think the group has decided- from listening to Patrick yesterday that we […]